A lot has changed since my last update. I apologize for that! Writing consistently is difficult for me. I go through these phases of writing a few posts, leaving for long periods of time, and then returning with a few more.

Sometimes I consider writing to be one of those things that can wait until I have more time. Then once I wait too long, I've queued up many talking points and life updates but which one should I post first? I've also felt like I've been in a state of limbo waiting for certain things to happen. It's hard to express my thoughts to others if I don't even know how to feel about them myself.

So a few updates that I will quickly mention so I can get passed this writer's block!

Last Year's Travels

In the last post I made, I was in Barcelona which was under siege due to the Catalonian protests. Because of that, I viewed fewer places and stayed inside a bit more during my 2 weeks there, but all in all, it was great! A beautiful city with great weather, food, and nightlife.

My trip went on to include Berlin, Budapest, and Athens for two months. There's too much to say out of each of those places, you'll have to buy me a drink and I'll spill my guts. Though I will leave you with a quick gallary, since a photo is worth a thousand words anyways.

Being able to work remotely and travel across the world is a blessing. With the state of things right now, I'm grateful I had the opportunity while I could. I've been preparing for a road trip to California in my wonderfully equipped 4Runner but that's on hold for a few months due to corona. For the fellow travelers out there, I'm not sure how the rest of y'all are feeling but let's hope for a speedy recovery!

Personal Projects

I love me some hackathons!

Last year I entered 5 hackathons, with the last 2 being winners!

As you can tell, I fucking love creating new Bitcoin apps. Right now I'm in a more long term process of creating a new platform that I hope turns into something great. I am approaching this new platform in a way that is completely new to me. I'm taking my time to find product-market fit, partner with the right people, and time box for a quick MVP. All the things that I'm finding are important if I'm going to turn a side project into a useful one.

Job Updates

So the startup I work for got acquired in February!

Very exciting times for us but I didn't take it so well in the months leading up to it. Despite leadership being as transparent as possible, it filled me with stress, worry, confusion, and unpredictability. It is one of the main reasons I've felt in a state of limbo. I know everyone is going to go on to do great things here, but I've been hesitant on whether it's the path I want to go down.

Will I like the new company and the fact that we're not a startup anymore? What will my work look like? I've been unhappy in various ways so is it the best time to go ahead and look for something new? I just got out of an apartment lease to go travel, should I now hold off on a new lease until I'm certain I want to stay or leave?

I still don't have the answers to these questions, and now there's a bigger one. Is this the right time to leave a job I still consider secure? I have some offers, and one of the main areas of work I was dead set on pursuing was the software consulting industry. With layoffs on the horizon and Q1 profits tanking in various industries, it's not a very smart move.

Who knows what I'll do, I'm still open to all possibilities. Right now my focus is to stay in quarantine with my family. Both of my parents still have to work onsite and my sister is considered high risk. Her normal daycare is out of the option so being available to take care of her is turning out to be best for everyone.

The Future

What future? Aren't we all going to die? Maybe 🙃 but let's set up a game plan anyways!

My goal, until the end of time, is at least a new post every week. I want to get into the habit of writing again, I'm serious this time!

I upgraded my Ghost blog to 3.0 which comes with new membership & subscription options that I want to explore. One new feature is newsletters so if that sounds interesting to you, please subscribe at the end of this article. My new project has a focus on bitcoin and revenue models around content creation so I may do some experimentation here. I promise it'll be fun and rewarding so stay tuned!

Besides that, you'll find me on Twitter mostly shitposting. Come join in if you're bored, let's fight this coronavirus virtually from our quarantines!

Lastly, a word of advice (to myself mostly)

Write, write, write, dammit!

Tweet, journal, email, text your heart out. Do something that gets you into the habit of writing consistently. It's not a sprint, it's a journey into your thoughts.

Stay safe out there everyone!